About the ‘New Guy’

Well I have been asked to write a PLBR blog, which I graciously accepted without knowing what I wanted to talk about. So I hope the following ramblings and incoherent thoughts suffice.

As the ‘new guy’ I am often asked about what I did before winning the creative role from The Lab. So I suppose this blog post will not be dissimilar from a bio piece, but I will try to include some advice or talk about something of actual value along the way. Try not to get bored.

I suppose for want of a better word; I am an artist and always have been. From moulding foul smelling Play Doh into sculptures, to having more child-friendly anti-toxic paint over myself than the paper – I was always told I would make a great artist. I wanted to be one. Not the society hating, pretentious, rude and hard to work with ‘tormented genius’ role that looks down on other people (which seems to be the norm these days). Rather the kind that likes to create for beauty’s sake.


So with that in mind, I did a year towards a degree in Law. And even though I found criminal law to be interesting, I knew it wasn’t enough to hold my attention for the rest of my life, so I applied for art courses whilst working in a bank. Not in a branch, but in a ‘magic building’ where the real work happened. It was pretty dull. I eventually started my degree in Fine Art and it was 3 of the best years of my life. I drew, painted, sculpted and slept a lot. I had a particular affinity with lens work and branched off in the latter half of my second year to specialise in film and photography. My first film was awful. It’s 3 minutes long, involving me sharing a banana with myself. Black and white silent film where I stole some music from a Charlie Chaplin film and slowed it down to around 80%. Poorly edited…It went on to be showcased at the Whitstable film festival. A lot of people shook my hand saying how much they liked it. Damn.


I also love photography. Some of the shots I achieved with a really bad camera (included) I think are a testament to how I compose a shot. I’m really happy with them so I hope you think they are cool. I am now saving up for a 5d or a c300 or something similar.

2 + 3

I have written a lot of screenplays, a few of which I was told to pursue by one of my lecturers – a film-maker who has had commissions with Film 4. So that’s a thing. Maybe if I plan it out well enough I can get a few short films done before I’m thirty. One of them I did in my final year at university. I was the producer, budget handler, head of casting, location scout, set designer, camera operator, director, runner, gaffer, cinematographer, editor, colour grader and I set up the screen for the ‘I AM art exhibition’ it was shown for. I will get funding and a crew next time. It was selected for a 6 week screening at the Turner Contemporary Gallery. An honour. I am not posting a link to the video as I don’t like it any more – sorry!

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 09.27.33

I suppose I had better talk about something of value. A cutesy go-away-and-think-about-this type deal. Hopefully some of you are still reading, I know this is long. I wouldn’t read it. Anyway, I’ll call it ‘inspiration’. Here goes.

Aesthetic is important and wondrous. Not a day goes by where I don’t look up at the stars and get lost in the vastness (oh look he is a pretentious arsehole). I have seen Hubble space images projected at an IMAX, as well as footage of them installing the Hubble – all narrated by Tom Cruise. I highly recommend it. That’s what inspires me. Knowing how finite and insignificant we are against the vastness of what we don’t know. Seeing exploded stars in 12K resolution – dead, like they had stuck a pistol in their sun spot, with colourful matter like star brains that are smeared across the space wall – is awe inspiring. If I ever figure out how to transform that beauty outside of space photography and into a gallery I’d be a millionaire. It’s taken a horrible bad poetic turn, but I include a picture of a poetry ‘thing’ I won in school. See it? Great young minds. See, right there, credentials. I was a cocky kid in school, but least I had evidence to back it up. These are the ramblings I told you about at the beginning, remember?

If I had anything to say of worth, it’s to find your muse. Find something or someone that inspires you, and hold on to it. Look at it every day, even if it’s as stupid as looking up at the stars every night. Go and hold your head up high – walk out the door every morning knowing you’re going to kick arse that day. That’s what inspiration does; it’s the little spark that starts it all. Go get ’em you brilliant bastard, I believe in you.

Jonathan Webb – The New Guy.

With all apologies to the Bing Crosby estate…

We’re dreaming of a white Christmas
Working through crisp white flakes of snow
Wrapped up in scarves and mittens
Our team will listen
To hear the light trill of the ‘phone

We’re dreaming of a white Christmas
The traditional festive scene
With snowballs flinging
and snowmen grinning
While we complete tasks in between

We’re dreaming of a white Christmas
Before we head home to our kin
For turkey and brussels
with tipsy aunts and uncles
From whom we hide the sherry and the gin

We’re dreaming of a white Christmas
Seems the perfect way to end the year
Some time spent relaxing
Attempting nothing taxing
Spent with those that we hold dear

We’re dreaming of a white Christmas
With every e-card that we send
To all our clients, colleagues and friends
May this year reach a prosperous end

Publicis Life Brands Resolute would like to wish each and every one of you a joyful holiday season, and a very happy New Year. We look forward to speaking with you all in 2012.

The start of something…


There comes a point in life when we all need something a little bit different. Whether that be finally moving out of our parents’ home, getting that gym membership we’ve been banging on about for months, or even taking a chance on that hair-do we’ve always dreamt of but never had the guts to go for.

Well, that was me about 2 months ago. I felt like I needed a change, something different, something exciting, something exhilarating… something that would give me my mojo back! (Not that I had ever really lost my mojo – it just sounds more dramatic that way!) So, I thought I would start by changing one of the most significant things in my life… MY JOB!!!

Now, being a 21st century ‘gal’… and, as Lady B would put it…Miss Independent, my career has always been one of the most important things to me, so this was a big deal! I knew I wanted to continue in healthcare advertising and I also knew the type of company I wanted to join. However, I was nervous about taking that leap into the unknown. Was I making the wrong decision? Should I stick to what I knew and crawl back under my comfort blanket?

After much contemplation and back and forth, I took a leap of faith and went for that dreaded first interview. Only it wasn’t dreadful at all; it was pleasant, fun and comfortable. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Sometimes in life, you find opportunities that will enable you to do something you care about and make your mark in a place that makes you feel valued. The people working with me are highly motivated, absolutely brilliant at what they do, and deadly serious about the quality of the work we produce.

So, there you have it. Change is everywhere.It’s inevitable; sometimes for the best, and sometimes not. But for me, change was good.

There are also big changes happening here and it’s clear to see that we’re on the brink of bursting out and taking our creative to new heights. So ‘change,’ I have one thing to say to you: ”BRING IT ON!!!”

Written by Nisha Karwal, PLBR Account Manager