A Purrrfect Exhibition


Thanks to everyone at PLBR for exhibiting some of my prints and originals in their Kensington offices. if you work anywhere else in Kensington Village, swing by and take a gander. Ask nicely if you can pop in as opposed to staring through the window though. This has the unfortunate effect of making the staff feel like they are residents of a zoo. That’s doubly so if you wave bananas and scratch your armpits. So cut that out… we know who you are.

Anyway, things have changed a bit since I was regularly freelancing there and working on briefs to promote eye drops, cancer drugs and the plight of the homeless. Back then I learned an awful lot about medicine and other advances in science, all of which I’ve now completely forgotten!

I’m now doing a daily ‘Learn to Speak Cat’ cartoon for the Metro newspaper and ‘Learn to Speak Dog’ for the online edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, as well as various other bits and bobs.


Do check out a couple of books I have in the shops or online, Learn to Speak Cat & Bad Dog, No Biscuit

They make ideal Christmas presents, although they are possibly not suitable for very young children or elderly people with a bad disposition. Or people who don’t like cats and dogs. Or indeed, people who don’t like cartoons about cats and dogs. Actually, I should probably stop giving you reasons not to buy these. It just demonstrates how rusty my advertising skills are.

Anthony Smith