The filthy creative process

I’m constantly scribbling down ideas, adding them to a continuously growing ‘to do’ list. When ideas sit sketched on a pad, Post-it note or back of an envelope, they will invariably remain there, just ideas. I was given an opportunity to turn an idea into reality about a month ago after I saw a tasty looking competition on the Talenthouse website. The project involved designing an alternative movie poster for the book turned film, Filth.

Filth, written by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh, is a (insert thesaurus alternatives to filth) gritty and dirty novel whose anti-hero, a policeman, lives a sordid life in which his health and psychological state take a battering. My response to the brief was quite simple; to use bacon as a reference to the protagonist, Bruce Robertson’s, occupation (policeman/pig), his poor hygiene and the fact that he is constantly hungry.

As always I had a heap of ideas, many of which I brainstormed with a friend on a train down to Brighton (it’s always good to have a second mind on things). But like I said before, these were just ideas and at some point you have to commit to something. Ideally I’d intended to read the entire book and then tackle the brief, but with a week left and only 200 pages (of the 393) through, I had to create something. Spelling out FILTH in bacon seemed fun, tasty and, more importantly, it really nailed what the book (and film) is all about (well the first 200 pages of it anyway). It was also clean enough to show to the public.

Here was the outcome, which I cooked and photographed. If you fancy voting for it using facebook or twitter I’d be overjoyed.

If you’d like to know anything more about ‘the creative process’ give PLBR a shout.


Here was the braindump of some of the ideas from the train:


And what contributed to the poster:



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