Gold, always believe in…

A couple of weeks ago, sitting between my toddler and a swaying uncle at a Polish wedding of Big Fat proportions, I had the pleasure of tasting it with every course.

With the starter.

With the soup.

With the main course at 18.30.

With dessert.

With the second main course at 21.00.

With the third main course at 23.00.

By the fourth main course at 3am, most of the bottles had been knocked back. Or over.

Last week, I was plied with vodka all over again. This time through the icy-smooth mouth of a vodka Luge, just one of the many attractions at the IPA Best of Health awards 2013.

Another highlight was the black and white chequered dance floor and the fascinating array of action that passed over it. Kate had obviously called ahead as she was perfectly matching in her Biba-esque dress.


So what about the main attraction – the awards themselves?

The competition had heated up this year. Alongside old friends, bold ideas, delicate illustration, stunning photography and beautifully crafted words all made an appearance.

But two things stood out for me. Firstly, the influence of the new world (and I don’t mean the wine) which couldn’t be ignored. China and Australia stormed a number of categories, and deservedly so.

Second, the freshly-meshed media mix. A surge in film.  Social as more than just an add-on. Apps and e-details with attitude.  And a whole lot of experiential work to feel inspired by.

Of course, PLBR were on form…

GOLD for The Passage for Out Of Home.

A Special Prize for Best Use of Copywriting.  Also for The Passage.

And a nice sprinkling of bronzes.

What with that and the sunshine, we’re feeling good this week.



– Klara Kallis


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