Up Pompeii (down Great Russell Street)

Pompeii at the British MuseumThe must-see event this Easter has got to be the British Museum’s “Life and death Pompeii and Herculaneum” exhibition.

If, like me, you have a bent towards all things historical, then hotfoot it to Great Russell Street this weekend.

It’s an amazing experience to come face-to-face – literally – with the people of Pompeii, frozen in time on the morning of August the 24th – 79 A.D.

pompeii frozen in time

What really shocks you is how they weren’t any different from us. They were modern urbanites, and they had the same problems with vandals, politicians and just getting by.

It got me thinking about just how advanced they were almost two thousand years ago and how, as humans, we think that we’re so much more advanced now. But are we really? Is the human thought process always on a non-stop linear progression….?

I don’t think so. And if it’s true that we go through periods of great mental leaps and juddering halts – which period are we in now?

Food for thought… which, by the way, you can also see at the exhibition. Two thousand year old loaves… a bit like my local supermarket now I come to think of it! See? The connections between past and present are truly endless…


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