Mac exhibits at PLBR

Currently dotted around our studio are some cartoons by my grandad, Mac. He has worked for the Daily Mail for around 30 years where he produces political cartoons. The work in the room is a selection from 2013 covering everything newsworthy, from adverse weather conditions in Britain, to prison closures, and of course, the horse meat scandal.

Don't push your luck Sharon

Don’t push your luck Sharon


I thought this is what you wanted to see – Les Miserables

His cartoons, which appear in the paper from Tuesday through to Friday, are all started and finished within a day. After coming up with a number of ideas and sketching them out, one is chosen and inked up. It then gets handed over to be scanned, running the following day. The idea of having to do an entire cartoon in one day from scratch seems almost impossible, but the variety of witty outcomes is staggering.

Mini-Competition: In each picture he hides a face of his wife Lizzie. If you’re in the office have a look to see if you can find her. Alternatively you can see all of his cartoons online. There is no reward but you might get a pat on the back.


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