The next Ben Ainslie?

A few weeks ago I decided to enter the National Championships of a class of sailing dinghy that I’ve owned for 5 years but hardly ever sailed; in fact, it’s true to say I can hardly sail it.   So I did.  I figured if I sail with the best I’ll learn faster, and maybe even have some fun along the way.

Well, I spent most of my time with bursts of speed around the course mainly followed by …….

What did I learn that has any bearing on work life?
1.  Well if you try hard enough and fail often enough, but stick at it, you will improve; and you can succeed in the end (set realistic time bound goals for improvement).  I became a great swimmer, and actually got into the top 3 in one of the last of the 10 race series (bronze medal position for all you longing for more Olympic fever), only to fall into the water 100 metres from the finish. I ended up 14th; my best result (from the 40 or so boats that competed).
2. If you surround yourself with people better than you, you will learn faster, improve quickly and have a great source of new ideas on how to do things better.
3. Push yourself.  No one else is going to push you to give your absolute best.  Your success is down to you and what you put into it. Hold up your highest quality standard and do your very best to achieve it all the time.  All seems a bit heavy?  Dinghy sailing is a pretty competitive sport you know.

Conversely, this is how it should be done …  if you want to know more, get in touch.

Paul Blackburn
Joint Managing Director


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