First impressions of PLBR

When I first researched the company, just a few months ago, I read this blog. It struck me that not only were the posts interesting, intelligent and often amusing, but that they reflected the people that worked here, and it was one of the reasons that I applied for my current role. And now it’s my turn to have a go!

I don’t feel quite up to writing anything extremely technical yet (looking forward to the days when I can), and I haven’t been to see any awe-inspiring sights (such as the post below) recently. But after some hints and tips, I thought that it might be an idea just to write about my first experiences, i.e. two months, in PLBR (and indeed London). Although most readers will be familiar with this, my hope is that someone in a similar situation as I was might read this and have a little insight! I do apologise in advance though – it will be cheesy.

The first thing that has to be said – everyone is fantastic, really. It is not just something emphasised on the website or exaggerated here on the blog – the atmosphere is wonderful at PLBR. It is an enthusiastic place, full of personalities and ideas; it’s hardworking, and fun. I am constantly impressed by everybody every day.

As for me, I honestly adore it. The work is interesting, varied, pushes you in the right way, and it just makes me want to get better and better. I’ve already been given a lot of responsibility and projects to manage, which is great.  Some days are longer, busier, work can stretch you, and people warned me that I would get the ‘shock’ of the working world – but it hasn’t hit me, at least not in a negative way.

PLBR is made up of individuals. And London is a city full of people. That’s what makes it most interesting for me; I could sit and watch them walking around all day. There are so, so many things to do, see, eat, experience here. I don’t sleep as much these days and have little time to sit and relax – not because of any negative cause but by choice – because there is just a huge world of things that fill me with their simple wonder. I am busy every day, but it is the sweetest exhaustion.

This has been a rambling entry, and I suppose most people will wonder what I am trying to say (it seems like a personal blog entry, I apologise!). And, for sure, you may think that I’m young, new to work, new to London – I will tire of it in a year or so. But I don’t feel like I will. I don’t have any extraordinary experiences to share (this time), but my point is to hopefully inspire someone to enjoy the small simple pleasures of everyday living, be it at work, the city they live in, or the people they know.

Author – Helen Belben, Junior Account Executive


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