The Power of Advertising

We all believe in the power of advertising. That’s why we work in the industry or use it to enhance our marketing reach. We’re all susceptible to it as well, whether we choose to admit to it or not.

And I’m using this blog to prove that this is true, of myself at least.

I’ve decided to showcase an ad currently running on our screens that I particularly enjoy. It’s for Thinkbox, which is a company who work with the marketing and advertising community with the sole purpose of making sure that they make the most and get the most out of TV.

They created a couple of characters, one a real life dog named Harvey and the other a stuffed rabbit toy imaginatively named Rabbit. Harvey and Rabbit are the very best of pals and do everything together so when Harvey’s owner threatens to throw Rabbit away, Harvey uses the power of advertising to convince him not to. And it works…naturally.

It’s a really charming ad with a simple but well executed idea that’s beautifully shot and full of charm and humour. It’s a story that we can all relate to, if not quite in the same way, and, to me, that’s exactly why it works so well.

So, sit back and enjoy Harvey and Rabbit.

Author -Paul Samuels, Art Director


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