The new year brings Positive Vibes

January can be a depressing month. Fading Christmas memories, foul weather and failed resolutions can all make for a gloomy outlook. However, rather than starting off the new year with a long list of resolutions, perhaps it’s better to take things one step at a time and start with some positive thinking.

At PLBR, we kicked off the new year by harnessing the power of positive thinking to help teenage cancer patients.

We entered the eyeforpharma Mobile Health Competition, which challenged us to develop an idea for a mobile phone app to help teenage cancer patients through the tough times.

We wanted our app to speak directly to patients and inspire them to connect with one another, share experiences and, above all, remain positive.  We believe that our app, Positive Vibes, does just that by encouraging people to join an online support network – the Positive Vibes Loop. Once part of the Loop, members will be able to send out vibes to everyone else in the network, and receive them back. Positive vibes can be anything from funny video clips or blog posts to simple messages of support.

Positive Vibes is a place to be social, but it’s also a great information source. For example, if a user has a question related to their disease or treatment, they’ll be able to ask members of the Loop. There will always be someone on hand to provide support when it’s needed.

View our entry below and find out more about Positive Vibes:

The competition attracted almost 50 entries from pharmaceutical companies, advertising agencies, carers and even patients themselves. A ‘Global Superpanel’ of judges, made up of teenage cancer survivors, then whittled the entries down to a shortlist of the top 10 apps.

We were thrilled to hear that Positive Vibes has made the shortlist, which is now open to public voting until 23rd January.  After this date, the three entries with the most votes will be reviewed by the Global Superpanel and the winner of the Mobile Health Competition will be announced.

The winning entrant will receive $5000 to be donated to a cancer charity of their choice. The winner will also have the opportunity to see their entry developed into a real app.

It’s all for a great cause so we’re calling to you for help. If you love our app as much as we do, please vote for our entry and help us turn Positive Vibes into a reality.

Check back here after 26th January to find out how we get on.


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