The Penultimate Paradigm of the Century! 11.11.11

Nearly eleven years ago we celebrated the start of a new Century and a new Millennium.

Over this time we have possibly got a bit tipsy, fought, loved and prayed on a set of dates of which only a dozen exist in each Century.


… And we are approaching the penultimate one!

A few loose facts!

11.11.11 is a paradigm meaning it is numerically repetitive and forms a pattern. 11.11.11 can be a colour reference – grey I believe. 11.11.11 is a primary numerical phenomenon which Google has demonstrated on many of its search pages; and would you have guessed a spooky film to be released on the 11th November 2011. Or, as perhaps one prophecy might add – the END OF THE WORLD.

Whether 11.11.11 marks the end of the world or a grey day, I urge you to celebrate… THE PENULTIMATE PARADIGM! Wear a paradigm outfit, hop for 11 minutes, sing for 11 minutes, dance for 11 hours – get involved and share it! Do what no man or woman (since 1911) will do (until 2111).

If you’re lost for inspiration here are some tips:

  1. 11 cream crackers in 11 seconds
  2. 11 tiered cake with 11 candles
  3. 11 legged race
  4. 11 hours of silence
  5. 11 hours of singing
  6. 11 hours of hopping
  7. 11 letters to friends and/or strangers
  8. 11ses – tea and cake at 11mins past 11 (remember the 1 minute silence at 11am)
  9. 11 good deeds
  10. 11 photos
  11. 11 comments on this blog

So there it is, 11 ways to enjoy your PENULTIMATE PARADIGM.

Not only is the 11th November 2011 the PENULTIMATE PARADIGM OF THIS CENTURY but it is also Remembrance Day, also known as Poppy Day. I know I for one will be pulling out my red outfit and buying a poppy or 11.

Finally, if you are going to be 1, 11, 111, 1111 on this day then Happy Birthday and I think you are very special. Especially if you are 1111!

PS for those that may not have done this, if you re-read this blog and imagine the voice of ‘our Graham’ from Blind Date or the voice of Big Brother, to read the words in caps it will make it more dramatic. A better read for you.


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