Win a year of your life

A few months ago we blogged about a competition involving the new Justin Timberlake movie called In Time, and promised to come back with an update, so here we are.

To quickly summarise, earlier this year in May, a couple of A-level students named Ewelina and Kasia came into our studio for a week to work on a brief. The brief, set up through the Ideas Foundation, Metro newspaper and 20th Century Fox, was to promote In Time, a new science-fiction thriller starring Justin Timberlake. The film is set in the future, where time has become the ultimate currency. In this future, medical advances allow people to live forever, but only if they can afford it.

We showed the girls how we tackle briefs that come into the agency and helped them develop their ideas, which they then presented to a panel of judges. Their winning idea was to promote the movie by offering readers the chance to win a year of their life in time.

The film hits cinemas next week and is being heavily promoted at the moment. Today’s Metro features a wrap-around promoting the film and the ‘win a year of your life’ competition that Ewelina and Kasia came up with. It’s a fantastic idea and a worthy winner and we recommend that you get involved and win some time!


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