PLBR hops on the Big Bus Challenge

What’s the most sought after place to put an ad? The one every copywriter and art director dream of? Is it a massive billboard on Times Square? A full page spread in the Sunday paper? A 30-second Super Bowl Spot?

How about the side of a London bus? It may not seem quite as glitzy, but if you consider that over 8 million people flood the capital on a daily basis and that the average bus ad runs for 4 weeks, it could actually be seen by just as many people. Perhaps more importantly, a London bus is simply a very unique, very cool place for an ad to live.

That’s why we jumped at the chance to enter the Big Bus Challenge. Agencies across the UK were invited to create a piece of advertising uniquely suited to a London bus, with the winning campaign to receive £200,000 worth of free media space. Needless to say, we were thrilled when we received the recent news that our ad had advanced to the final round of judging.

Check back in a month and we’ll let you know if our work will be roaming the streets of London…

Written by Stephen Cooney, PLBR Copywriter


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