An extra-ordinary culinary day

Last Thursday, L’Atelier des Chefs saw a day they would never forget. They had the privilege of being graced with the presence of a very excited Publicis Life Brands Resolute group, which was embarking on its annual Summer Away Day.

The day opened on a wave of positive energy; Anna and Paul, and several members of the KV and TB teams, gave some inspirational presentations. Examples of case studies that demonstrated our excellence across a variety of disciplines offered a real an insight into the cogs, nuts and bolts of our company, and Olga got ‘sticker-happy’ illustrating the numerous contributions that the Scientific Strategy Team make during the course of a project!

We then learned a little about ourselves (this wasn’t the usual ‘self-help’ session it sounds like!), and learned whether our behaviour makes us a ‘Driving’, ‘Influencing’, ‘Compliant’ or ‘Steady’ character. We were surprised at how a 5-minute exercise can tell you so much about yourself!

The culinary capers then commenced – we all popped on our beautiful branded aprons and each joined one of several groups that were all suitably named after a celebrity chef. In our teams, we embarked on a journey that took us around different cooking stations, at which we learned the basics of sushi-rolling, kofta-making and wine-tasting (not to mention drinking plenty of wine outside the tasting session itself!), to name but a few activities. To add a little competitive edge, we collected stars from those teaching chefs who considered us to be high-achievers in their particular art, and also worked together to complete a quiz (my one contribution was ‘star anise’ – the others: no idea). Congratulations to Team Delia, who won the competition with an impressive collection of stars!

Of course, the fun didn’t stop when we removed our aprons; we trotted down the road to the pub afterwards!

We are now awaiting the PLBR social on 11 August with great anticipation…….

Written by Victoria Davey, PLBR Account Manager


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