Just in time

We were invited by the Ideas Foundation to help a couple of A-level students, Ewelina and Kasia, enter (and hopefully win) a competition. For those who don’t know, the Ideas Foundation is a charity aimed to help underprivileged teenagers into the advertising industry. The charity had managed to obtain a real-life brief from 20th Century Fox for a campaign promoting the upcoming Justin Timberlake film, InTime. Fox would actually develop the winning students’ concept while The Metro would donate £200,000 worth of free media to run it. It was an invaluable opportunity for anyone trying to break in.

For us, it was a great chance to immerse Ewelina and Kasia within the creative goings-on of our agency. Both girls were really shy to begin with, but as they got deeper into the project, their confidence began to grow. We treated their project very much like we would any other: they were asked to bring ideas to the table and develop those which had promise, while collaborating with other art directors, copywriters and even some account people.

At the end of the short week (it began with a bank holiday), Ewelina and Kasia had to present their concept to a panel of judges, along with all the other students who had entered the contest. They absolutely nailed it, shocking us with the extent of the transformation they’d undergone from super-reserved teenagers to super-natural advertising folk.

After presentations were given by the other students, who had been working with the likes of AMV BBDO, BBH, Lowe DLKW, WCRS and Creative Orchestra, we bit our nails as the judges deliberated over a winner. Low and behold, Ewelina and Kasia came out on top, winning the incredible prize of having their work developed and shared with greater London, an opportunity that any advertising creative would dream of. It was a really great experience for everyone involved, and showed how creativity can spring from anywhere, even from within a school system that is not necessarily known for nurturing creativity.

When the film comes out we’ll post another blog with a bit more about Ewelina and Kasia’s project.

Click here to learn more about The Ideas Foundation

Click here to read about the film

Written by Nick Robinson, PLBR Junior Designer


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